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Work Work Work

Has been long time since I posted something. One reason was these scams and adverts that kept coming in on every post I made.

2022 was a busy year and we never had a break just jumping from one production to an other.

2023 cannot complain and we can say that until now we also had not off time.

Started with small productions like Madame Blanc Season 3 to a Ridley Scott film.

Madame Blanc nowadays is part of our family and we always look forward on working on this production. Crew we are basically the same, main actors also which gives us a high energy and knowhow of everyone around.

Presently we are actually doing block 2 for Madame Blanc. End of October we will be starting another production which will take us till the end of this 2023.

2024 looks promising as we are already booked till June.

We will see how things will get going.

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