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The Whale

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We support any Film Production or TV Production. We have experienced lighting technicians with a great portfolio.

Malta Sparks is a group of people working in the film industry mainly as electricians.We are just a group of people willing to join any film production. We have great experience that we got through the years by working hard on different productions as Electricians on set.

We can be part of your crew list mainly as Lighting Technicians aka SPARKS.

Our track record includes "Gladiators", "Munich", "Troy","Agora","A Previous Engagement", "Devil's Double", "Sei Passi Nel Giallo", "Come un Delfino-La serie 2", "Game Of Thrones", "Captain Philips", "Fort Ross", "Asterix & Obelix- God Saves Britannia", "Largo Winch", "Moby Dick", "The Whale", "Heros and Villains-Napoleon","Sinbad","WWZ"," The Lost Treasures of the Knights Templar III: The Mystery of the Snake Crown 2008","Clouds Above the Slope",

"Pater Castell","Tomorrow – Gianluca Bezzina Eurovision song music video 2013","This is the Night- Kurt Calleja Eurovision Song music video 2012"

"Malta-All Inclusive", "The Divers", "L'Oreal"

"Saul-The Journey to Damascus", "Maid For You", "12 Frames".

"Coming Home- Firelight music video"

"Maid For You"

"The Shipwreck"


"The Dovekeepers"

"Ti Amo Inutilmente" music video Antonello Venditti

"13 Hours- Secret Soldiers of Benghazi"

"Assassin's Creed"

"The Promise"


"Birds of a Feather - Christmas Special"

"Invisible Boy 2"

"Murder On The Orient Express"

"Thugs Of Hindostan"


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