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And as we foretold, October and November we are busy.

September we started prep on HEAD, a film by Winston Azzopardi, directed by himself and actor is his son Joe Azzopardi.

It is a strange feeling having on set with us Winston, as usually he just comes just to say hello or solve a problem on set. This is really different seeing him directing. I can say he is really good and I never realised he is so crazy about filming. He really Knows what he is doing which in turn helps us moving around him.

Joe is stunning, he is a really good actor and with a very difficult character situation he still finds time on set to chat with us or sprinkle a joke, if not water.

It is an amazing shoot, small crew but much to do. we are having fun and after few days it is like we are a big family.

Good luck from us to LATINA for this production. Looking forward to watch it polished ready to hit the Cinemas.

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