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Thugs of Hindostan increasing film Industry. Having a big project involving many water effects they chose Malta to shoot most of their upcoming big feature film.

Was an honour for us to work with a drastic different culture than we are used to be with. Everyone does everything and sometimes you have things taken from your hand. It could be the language barrier also as one could imagine that it is easier to take a polysterene board from ones hand rather than having to tranlslate, and maybe you get it wrong and you are there you are you take it and use it.

Our culture on films is literally different. By time we are getting to understand health and safety, we are being cautious about what we are doing and what can happen. We are far,far away, but these Indians in a way they are pre-historic. They are not stupid and they know thier job really well, but when it comes to having the actor deciding anything while he is on set, I am sorry this one I cannot accept. They are still in that era where the big command even though your role is to direct, as long as you are not big.....forget it.

Final checks are crucial for hair and make up guys. You have a crew dedicated to make the make up and hair style. Check about continuity and events, time of day and many other things.   On a bollywood situation final checks are done by the actor himself. They just put him a mirror infront of him so he can see himself. NO NO NO that is not the way...........the actor is to focus on the acting and script...that is why he has a whole crew behind him to take care of the make up and hair.

Anyway I lost hope but still these last 3 months I had fun, got to meet new nice people, got new friends online. All in all you always learn something...

See you all soon..............................

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